(Note: This is not an exhaustive list and should be updated as issues come in)

• Grand Masters League is not displaying properly through the web and live client interfaces.
We're aware of an issue with the display of Grand Master League in some regions and are working towards a solution. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

• Some Leagues and Ladders Brackets are not displaying league information.
We are aware of an issue where some leagues are not displaying data. We have a fix ready and it should be pushed live in the near future.

• Zerg eggs are missing their hatching animation and models.
We are aware of an issue with Zerg eggs hatching without the proper models or animations and are working on a solution.

• The Terran Strategy channels only allow a limited number of members per channel.
We're hard at work on an issue regarding the Terran Strategy channel not having enough capacity compared to other strategy channels. We're sorry for the inconvenience while we work to increase capacity.

• Favored messaging in the load screen sometimes doesn't match the favored messaging in the score screen.
We're investigating reports regarding inconsistent messaging in regards to the Favored status of player teams on the load screen when compared to Favored status on the Score Screen. Thank you for your patience while we look into potential causes for this inconsistency.

• An Input Limit Reached message can be generated when a user with a large friend list rapidly cycles through battle.net menus.
We're looking into a fix for an issue were players experience a significant loading delay when moving between battle.net menus. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

• Tutorial videos accessed during a game are not playing.
We are aware of an issue with in game tutorial videos and it appears to be related to the video quality and sound category of the specific videos. We believe we have a fix for the issue but have no time line in regards to when the fix will be applied.

• The Free For All achievement is not properly tracking FFA wins and/or is resetting.
We're aware of a potential issue involving the behavior of the FFA Achievement and are actively investigating.

• Fungal Growth does not give the alert that you are being attacked.
We're aware of an issue with Fungal Growth and attack alerts and have determined a solution which will be applied in a future patch. Unfortunately I cannot provide a time line or patch number for fix application.

• The category for featured maps is resetting to "all".
It appears that when a map is "featured" it loses it's category tag (melee, Co-Op vs. AI, Custom, etc) and is no longer visible in the By Category tab for it's old category. These maps are still present under the "all" listing and are present in the Featured tab. We're investigating the issue and are working towards a solution.

• The score screen is showing Rank 100 regardless of your actual rank in your league.
We're aware of an issue where score screens will always show rank 100 after a match and are investigating the situation. We're sorry for any inconvenience.