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Kerrigan and Nova portraits

Is it just me, or are the Kerrigan and Nova portraits (the unlockable ones, which are the in-game unit portrait) really really ugly? For no reason I can explain, they both have HUGE lips.

The Kerrigan portrait looks like the extremely ugly sister of the beautiful Kerrigan you see in the in-game cinematic. I'm close to finishing the campaign on Brutal, and would love to have a display pic which represents this, but the pic of Kerrigan is so ugly, I'm not sure if I will...

Does anybody else think she doesn't look like her cinematic self?
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Totally agree, not only that I think Nova and kerrigan look to similar too each other. While I'm at it Dr. Hans portrait looks pretty ugly compared to the cinematic version of her.
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Yep I agree with you on that too. They do look extremely similar. I really hope they change the portrait for Kerrigan, especially that's the portrait they are going to use for her in the expansions.
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That's the zerg in her, man!
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Zerg have giant lips? And look exactly like Nova (who also has huge disproportionate lips)?

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Yeah, to me Nova's and Sarah's portraits looks almost the same. The only main differences are their hair colors.
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Yeh in the cinematic she was like hawt anime type face. Small features all that. Not so in the potraits!

It seems when making the cinematics they can't quite copy/paste the facial features. Remember Jim Raynor cinematic and Tychus, their faces compared to their potraits and in-game cutscenes? They look rather noticeably different.

I think that's what has happened with Kerrigan.

As for Nova, nah I got nothing against her, she's a babe.
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lol the whole babe talk between kerrigan and nova is funny. lets have a vote to see who you prefer.
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In game (or cinematics) they're both pretty good looking - but in their portraits, both are butt-ugly (they have elephant sized lips).

Since Blizzard changed the graphical appearance of many upgrades in patch 1.1, couldn't they shrink the lip size on these two portraits (and TRY to make them look a little different) in the next patch?
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It has something to do witht he camera when you take the screen shot of the models when they produce the portraits.

I assume they put the camera pretty up close to the models' faces when they did it, that is why the nose and lips seem bigger than usual, but the actual models are actually not that bad, still i'd like the manga version of human Kerrigan over the 3d one
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All they need to do for human Kerrigan is take a screenshot of her face in the betrayal cinematic. Done. For Nova, just take a screenshot of her in one of the in-game cutscenes.
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Novas eye shadow looks weird.
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sarahs portrait looks nothing like she does in the cinematic :(((
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Yeah so it seems we gamers should deserve a prettier protrait after all the tough work =D
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I read the SC:Queen of blades novel, it mentioned that when Raynor met Kerrigan first time he thinks she's not pretty but quite sexy and loves those lips. (or tits?)

So yeah, Kerrigan isn't supposed to be super hot.

Ariel Hension and Nova on the other hand really should look prettier.
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If they wanted her to have giant lips, they should have made her have them in the cutscene as well. Why show us a beautiful Kerrigan in a cutscene, then make the in-game portrait look nothing like her?

Also, there is simply no good reason that Nova and Kerrigan should look identical except for their hair colour.
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