40 / 125
15 7/30/2010
Zero Hour
Complete all mission objectives in the “Zero Hour” mission.
15 7/30/2010
The Outlaws
Complete all mission objectives in “The Outlaws” mission.
10 7/30/2010
Raynor’s Back
Kill 5 enemy units in the “Liberation Day” mission with Raynor on Normal difficulty.
Liberation Day
Complete all mission objectives in the “Liberation Day” mission.
Down with Mengsk
Kill every enemy unit in the “Liberation Day” mission on Hard difficulty.
Cash Reward
Collect all Mineral and Gas Pallet pickups in “The Outlaws” mission on Normal difficulty.
Be Quick or Be Dead
Complete “The Outlaws” mission on Hard difficulty in less than 10 minutes.
Hold the Line
Complete the “Zero Hour” mission on Normal difficulty without losing or salvaging a structure.
The Best Defense…
Destroy 4 Zerg Hatcheries in the “Zero Hour” mission on Hard difficulty.